What I do and what has gone before

Social Content Lead,Wellcome Trust (2016-present)

I’m responsible for all social media content produced at Wellcome, the second-biggest medical charity in the world. I use my creativity, audience knowledge, vision and nearly ten years of experience in social media – including founding the official Wellcome Facebook and Twitter channels in 2009 – to lead all social content campaigns and producers across this large and diverse organisation.

I am responsible for designing and running all paid promotion on Facebook, Twitter and other channels for Wellcome Trust, as well as the extremely well-followed Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels of its award-winning longform magazine Mosaic. With around 90,000 fans, my strategies have made Mosaic’s Facebook page the most successful social channel in Wellcome’s history.

It is my duty and pleasure to I train and up-skill Wellcome’s 700-odd staff in social media best practice. To this end I have run two 3 month long seasons of ‘Social Media 101’ workshops for staff, and set the organisation’s social media guidelines. I also run the organisations internal network and forums on social media knowledge and news, feeding on my voracious appetite for the latest developments in social media and digital storytelling.

Commissioning Editor, Mosaic (2012-present)

A unique online magazine delivering longform journalism under a Creative Commons licence. Mosaic is a weekly publisher of in-depth, compelling stories exploring and explaining science, medicine and health. Its features are widely praised and republished in the likes of The Atlantic, Financial Times, BBC Future, the Guardian, Daily Mail, The Sun, Pacific Standard, Buzzfeed and Gizmodo.

Features I have edited and produced have been listed among the 2014 Best Reads lists of Longform.org, Longreads.com and Digg, earned three mentions in the New Yorker, and a nomination for Best profile of a health or medical figure at the 2015 Medical Journalists’ Association Awards. I also direct Mosaic’s social media, produced an ebook compilation of Mosaic stories, and launched its podcast of audio narrations.

For my work on Mosaic, I won the silver Rising Star Award at the 2015 British Media Awards.

Writer, Quartz (2016)

In a secondment to London office of one of the most innovative digital news sources in the world, I reported on the new global economy, writing nearly 40 news and features and learning more about digital-first journalism for the 21st Century.

Senior Editor / Online Editor / Science Writer, Wellcome Trust (2008-present)

Co-author, The Geek Guide to Life (2016)

Co-author, The Big Questions in Science: The quest for the great unknowns (2013)

Executive Committee / Co-Director / News Editor / Web Editor, Association of British Science Writers

Producer, the Geek Calendar project

News Editor, SciDev.Net

Editor-in-chief, I, ScienceImperial College London’s science magazine. Runner-up at the 2005 Guardian Student Media Awards.


  • Msc. Science Communication, Imperial College London
  • BSc. (Hons.) Genetics with Industrial Experience, University of Manchester

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