Mun Keat Looi is a Social Media Editor, Features Editor and writer with experience in longform narrative stories and digital. He heads up all things social media at Wellcome Trust, and is a Commissioning Editor for the award-winning longform magazine Mosaic. He’s also an author of two books, Big Questions in Science: The quest to solve the great unknowns (2013) and the Geek Guide to Life (2016).

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Mun-Keat was awarded the silver Rising Star Award at the 2015 British Media Awards and has written and produced news, features, podcasts, and videos for Quartz, The Guardian, BBC Focus, Chemistry World and others. Features he has edited have been critically acclaimed, including three squee moments when recommended in the New Yorker.

In previous lives, he was a News Editor, Executive Committee member for the Association of British Science Writers, and led a charity project that earned over £16,000 and widespread media coverage as a side hustle.

He gives regular talks and workshops on social media, digital journalism, science communication and narrative storytelling. He’s a verified Twitter user and nearly a quarter of a million people follow his recommendations on Pocket.