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I have produced over 30 features for Mosaic. Highlights include:

Full list of Mun-Keat Looi stories for Mosaic

The Geek Guide to Life (Carlton books, publishing September 2016)

Rising from the Ashes: 70 years after Hiroshima (BBC Focus (print), August 2015)

Review: Junk DNA (BBC Focus (print), May 2015)

Fighting fire with fire (BBC Focus (print), December 2014)

Review: What if? (BBC Focus (print), October 2014)

How much of a threat is the Ebola virus? (Science Uncovered (print), October 2014)

Building the ultimate brain (Science Uncovered (print), June 2014)

Inside the mind of a genius (Science Uncovered (print), February 2014)

The Big Questions in Science: the quest for the great unknowns (Carlton Books, 2013)

The 20 big questions in science (The Observer/theguardian.com, September 2013)

The NFL star, the brain scientist and the journalist (Guardian, March 2012)

Cancer, genomes, evolution and personalised medicine – it’s complicated (Wellcome Trust Blog, March 2012)

The Light and Life Fantastic (Diamond Light Source Blog, February 2012)

Nuts and bolts: MRI Scanner (Wellcome News, June 2011) [PDF – see p26]

Beautiful Creatures: Ralph Lainson and his parasites (Wellcome Trust, May 2011)

Do you have what it takes to be the next Rebecca Skloot? (Guardian, April 2011)

Genetic vulnerability increases risk of teen smokers continuing the habit (Institute of Psychiatry, January 2011)

Study offers insight into schizophrenia drug success (Institute of Psychiatry, December 2010)

Changing fates: Sir John Gurdon (Wellcome News, December 2010)

Indian initiatives (Wellcome News, December 2010)

Real school, real science: the MBP Squared project (Wellcome Trust blog, November 2010)

TAM London 2010 (Guardian Science Weekly Podcast, October 2010)

Personalised medicine in the consumer age (Wellcome Trust blog, October 2010)

Q&A: Dr David Rubinsztein (Wellcome News, September 2010)

Comics and medicine (Wellcome News, September 2010)

The worm in sheep’s clothing (Wellcome Trust blog, September 2010)

Synthetic ‘cradle’ boosts hope of stem cell therapies (Wellcome Trust blog, August 2010)

Beware the bite: World Mosquito Day (Wellcome Trust blog, August 2010)

Personalising autoimmune disease treatments (Wellcome Trust blog, August 2010)

Antibiotics offer ‘vaccine-like’ immunity to malaria (Wellcome Trust website, July 2010)

Why the first test tube baby nearly didn’t happen (Wellcome Trust blog, July 2010)

Q&A: Cora Araujo (Wellcome News, July 2010)

Me old China (Wellcome Collection blog, June 2010)

Putting Africa on the genomic map (Wellcome Trust blog, June 2010)

Professor Allan Bradley: a decade at Sanger (Wellcome Trust website, June 2010)

Media round-up: the genetics of autism (Wellcome Trust blog, June 2010)

H1N1 measures ‘bought valuable time’ in Vietnam (Wellcome Trust blog, May 2010)

Packed Lunch and the last crusade (Wellcome Collection blog, May 2010)

Smart drugs, smarter students? (Wellcome Trust blog, May 2010)

Counterfeit Drugs: a WMD for malaria (Wellcome Trust blog, April 2010)

Genetics with a bite (Wellcome Trust blog, April 2010)

Science and Design (Wellcome Trust blog, April 2010)

iGEM: The student synthetic biology experience (Wellcome Trust blog, April 2010)

‘Building block’ biology (Wellcome Trust website, March 2010)

Chongqing express (Wellcome Collection blog, March 2010)

China and me (Wellcome Collection blog, March 2010)

Think happy thoughts (Wellcome Collection blog, March 2010)

Eureka Live: Twins, genes and what makes you “you” (Wellcome Trust blog, December 2009)

More by Mun-Keat Looi on the Wellcome Trust Blog

Cold war – Fighting the threat of latent TB (Wellcome Trust website, December 2009)

Pain-staking research: tackling chronic pain (Wellcome Trust website, November 2009)

Traditional healers play key role in epilepsy management (Wellcome Trust website, November 2009)

Intelligent design: The engineering approach to healthcare (Wellcome News/Wellcome Trust website, October 2009)

Children’s love of sports boosted by early walking start (Wellcome Trust website, September 2009)

Luke Jerram on swine flu in glass (Wellcome Trust website, September 2009)

Caution urged over fMRI for life or death decisions (Wellcome Trust website, August 2009)

Afghan schoolchildren ‘affected by everyday stress as much as war-related trauma’ (Wellcome Trust website, August 2009)

Genomics: the next generation (Wellcome Trust website, July 2009)

The warm heart of Africa – 30 years of research in Karonga (Wellcome Trust website, July 2009)

Platform for research: the African Institutions Initiative (Wellcome News/Wellcome Trust website, July 2009)

Blood-sampling made easy by automated system (Wellcome Trust, April 2009)

The pains of youth (Wellcome Trust website, April 2009)

The Great Sperm Race review paper (Wellcome Trust/Channel 4, March 2009)

Study of one million Swedes uncovers link between IQ and risk of death (Wellcome Trust website, March 2009)

The Wellcome Trust-New Scientist essay competition (Wellcome News, March 2009)

Mapping Malaria (Wellcome Trust website, November 2008)

WHO sets the agenda for climate and health research (SciDev.Net, October 2008)

World risks ‘scientific apartheid’, says top African scientist (SciDev.Net, April 2008)

Fatal malaria strain ‘mistaken for more benign form’ (SciDev.Net, January 2008)

More by Mun Keat Looi on SciDev.Net

Crazy Kary Mullis (I, Science, June 2006)

Enhancement Enchantment (I, Science, March 2006)

Winter of discontent (I, Science, March 2006)

Right or wrong? You decide (Felix, Imperial College London student newspaper, April 2006)

Science and ethics clash in wartime (Felix, April 2006).

What’s your profile? (Felix, March 2006)

Tomorrow’s People Daily News Brief (Conference news sheet, March 2006). Reporting, editing and layout for a conference on human enhancement technologies organised by the James Martin Institute at the University of Oxford.

Junko Mizuno: What’s through the looking glass? (PIMP magazine, 2005)

What it means to be British-born (KAL magazine, August 2004)

Interview: Archie Panjabi (KAL magazine, August 2002)

Ray of Light (KAL magazine, August 2002)

Intreview: Courttia Newland (KAL magazine, August 2002)

Westernised or traditional? (KAL magazine, August 2002)

Family Fortunes (Student Direct, University of Manchester student newspaper, March 2002)

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