I have produced over 30 features for Mosaic. Highlights include:

  • Arrested Development – from an idea sourced, researched and commissioned from me to acclaimed writer Virginia Hughes. Working with her on this narrative the resulting story was widely praised and republished in the likes of the BBC and Gizmodo, with notable mentions in the New Yorker among others. The story made many critics lists of Best Reads of 2014, including Longform.org, Longreads.com and Digg.
  • Voices in the Dark – Executive Producer for this 52 minute audio documentary on people who hear voices. I also organised a Reddit AMA between the researchers involved in this documentary, which garnered over 6000 comments and was at one point the seventh most popular Reddit item.
  • The Mind Readers – widely acclaimed longread from Roger Highfield. Also praised by the New Yorker.
  • How malaria defeats our drugs
  • The Big Sleep – Also praised by the New Yorker, among others.
  • Brazil’s billion dollar gym experiment – shortlisted for Best profile of a health or medical figure at the 2015 Medical Journalists’ Association Winter Awards.

Full list of Mun-Keat Looi stories for Mosaic

The Big Questions in Science: the quest for the great unknowns (Carlton Books, 2013)

The level and tone of the book make it perfect for satisfy the needs of young adolescents who are just beginning to become absorbed in these big, overarching questions.


Fighting fire with fire (BBC Focus (print), December 2014)

How much of a threat is the Ebola virus? (Science Uncovered (print), October 2014)

Building the ultimate brain (Science Uncovered (print), June 2014)

Inside the mind of a genius (Science Uncovered (print), February 2014)

The 20 big questions in science (The Observer, September 2013). Double-page spread in the The Observer newspaper and the fourth most read article of the day on the Guardian’s website.

The NFL star, the brain scientist and the journalist (Guardian, March 2012)

Nuts and bolts: MRI Scanner (Wellcome News, June 2011) [PDF – see p26]

Beautiful Creatures: Ralph Lainson and his parasites (Wellcome Trust, May 2011)

Do you have what it takes to be the next Rebecca Skloot? (Guardian, April 2011)

Study offers insight into schizophrenia drug success (Institute of Psychiatry, December 2010)

Changing fates: Interview with Nobel Prize-winner Sir John Gurdon (Wellcome News, December 2010)

TAM London 2010 (Guardian Science Weekly Podcast, October 2010)

Comics and medicine (Wellcome News, September 2010)

Smart drugs, smarter students? (Wellcome Trust blog, May 2010)

China and me (Wellcome Collection blog, March 2010)

Genomics: the next generation (Wellcome Trust website, July 2009)

Full list of publications


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