What I do and what I have done

Senior Editor, The Wellcome Trust
Commissioning Editor, Mosaic (present)

In 5 years at the Wellcome Trust I have produced, commissioned, edited and written a variety of content, including news, features, op-eds, infographics and multimedia packages for the Trust’s websites, blogs, print magazines and reports.

I pioneered the Trust’s blog, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ channels, championing the organisation’s first forays into social media, while setting strategy for the company’s online communications.

I am now Commissioning Editor for Mosaic, a new publisher of in-depth, long-form science stories from the Wellcome Trust. I commission, edit and write long-form features and associated content, run blogging and social media, and shape production, digital and content strategy.

Co-author, The Big Questions in Science: The quest for the great unknowns (publishing Sept 2013)

A popular science book looking at the biggest unanswered questions science is tackling on topics including neuroscience, genomics, health and robotics.

Executive Committee / Co-Director / Web Editor, Association of British Science Writers (present)

I have been a member of the Executive Committee and co-Director of ABSW Ltd. (its operating body) since 2008. For 2 years I was News Editor, writing, editing and commissioning news on and affecting science writing and journalism for the ABSW website and newsletter. As the Web Editor, I oversee content for the ABSW website. I also organise events and help manage the ABSW Facebook and Twitter channels.

Organiser / Project manager / Producer / Writer, the Geek Calendar project

I arranged and managed personnel, scheduling, production, design, marketing, PR, communications (including social media and blog), infrastructure, customer service, and text.

News Editor, SciDev.Net

Editor-in-chief, I, Science, Imperial College London science magazine

Information Officer, Nuffield Council on Bioethics


  • Msc. Science Communication, Imperial College London
  • BSc. (Hons.) Genetics with Industrial Experience, University of Manchester

Skills and Interests

I enjoy sharing my skills and interest in all things digital. I am fortunate to have presented and chaired various events in the science and science communication community, many on social media, blogging and editorial. In 2013, I organised and delivered a series of out-of-hours workshops and talks on social media and blogging for Wellcome Trust staff interested in developing their digital skills, also publishing the guides online.

I am mad keen on Japanese culture, which has led me to study the language to an intermediate level. I’ve passed level 3 of the official Japanese Language Proficiency Test and am studying like crazy to get to the next level.

Interviews/nice things people have said about me


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